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Leading People To Reconnect With Themselves To Achieve Unshakeable Peace, Wholeness & Direction In Their Lives

There is so much disconnection, loneliness & division in the world. I believe this results when people have lost connection with their soul -- that pure and whole part of themselves that they are connected to when they were born. My mission is to lead you back to that pureness, wholeness, and completeness that results from being totally connected to yourself.

When we achieve unity within ourselves, we achieve unity in the world. 

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I'm Anna, Your Empath Soul Surgeon Coach & This Is My Story

I'm Not A Firefighter; I'm A Soul Surgeon

I'll be honest: Fighting fires & fixing rushed problems is not my thing; figuring out how you can connect with your soul is. If you have been feeling like something is blocking you from achieving true peace, wholeness, and certainty of self, book some time with me today & let's get back to pureness.

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Just like you were meant to split, you were meant to come back together!

Do You Remember How You Felt The Day You Came Into This World?

On the day of our creation, we are perfect, whole, and complete. We are a blank slate, but 100% pure, 100% us. This is when we are truly connected with our soul. 

However, as we go through life, we encounter hardships, fears, and traumas and we lose that connection to our soul.

After this hardship or triggering event, we essentially create a new "false" self to help protect us from getting hurt again. This is where all dysfunction in our life stem from... 

The Concept Of Soul Retrieval

There is a shamanic and psychological principle that explains that from the time we are born up until around 5 years old (the age when the conscious mind begins to form as the gatekeeper), we encountered one or more traumatic situations that cause us to separate from our soul. 

The event could be simple, like a mother forgetting to feed us one day so that we internalize the meaning as we are not protected, to something more grave such as childhood abuse. Everyone goes through this separation because there is no way to avoid negative impacts in life.

When we were once pure and complete, now we become fragmented, with each piece of our selves (ego) distorted by the meaning we placed on the things on the things that caused us pain. Sometime we repress it. But the result is always a false self which pushes us farther away from our pure self or soul.

When there is a distortion of ourselves based on the meaning we placed on a negative experience, there is a loss of connection to purity, that wholeness we once had when we were born. This lack of connection to ourselves, or our soul, causes all the dysfunction in our lives and in the world because we are coming from a wounded, distorted place.

The concept of soul retrieval centers upon finding & reuniting with your true self once again, so that you can see life and the world from a place of wholeness. 


Getting Back To Your "Pure" Self

There is so much pain in the world today, caused by people who are in pain themselves. Empath In The Office was created to guide people back to a connection with that perfect, whole, and complete part of themselves - a soul remerger - so that they can respond to life from a truly connected place. When we are re-connected to our souls, our purpose becomes clear, compassion becomes rampant, and we achieve a greater understanding and wisdom about the world. 

When we all achieve unity within ourselves, we achieve unity in the world.

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