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Helping Empaths, Introverts & Highly Sensitives Own Their Value in the Workplace

We help you find your power & purpose in the workplace - even if you are currently not heard, acknowledged, or appreciated. Empath In The Office was created to inspire, coach and support anyone struggling to own their value, find career fulfillment and live their purpose, because when you do work you are made for, you become your greatest version and a leader in your field. 

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Do You Dream of Waking Up Happy With Your Work Life?

David Deida said “Chronic dissatisfaction is how you sense you are living a lie”. If you dream of doing work that aligns with your life purpose that you can feel good about, then you’re in the right place!

Empath In The Office is all about inspiring, coaching and supporting Empaths, Introverts, Highly Sensitives, or anyone struggling to own their value, find career fulfillment and purpose in the workplace -- because when you do what you love, you become the best at what you do. 

Our Journey: From Toxic Jobs to Creating Our Own Lives

A lot of us started out in jobs we hated. Or maybe we liked our job, but the people or leadership changed and it became a toxic environment. After days, weeks and months of dreading coming to work, the situation eventually becomes too much to bear, and we have a choice to make: get out somehow or lose our soul, life and purpose.  

When we are in so much pain, we have to make a change. The challenge is that many people who want to leave are faced with other toxic issues if they left, or they end up making a change to an equally toxic environment -- because they don't yet have the awareness of purpose and mature valuation of their talents. The best jobs and the most fulfilling work comes from using our motivated talents, or our primary gifts. 

The things we enjoy doing most are often the things we are the best at doing.  

Our Mission: Helping Empaths, Introverts & Highly Sensitive People Find Their Power in the Workplace


Studies show that 75% of people are not satisfied with their current job and 80% of people who end up leaving is due to conflicts with their boss. Unfortunately, toxic bosses are all too common, and in this day and age, there is no reason to treat people as they once did. The most productive and successful companies are the ones that allow their employees a safe environment to be their best. 

Loss of valuable talent - and fair treatment of people - is why it's so important to be an empathic leader and manager in your company. That is why we also provide great tips and training help empaths find their power so that they can have the skills, confidence and purpose to take over management and leadership positions. So look for our articles and upcoming training for Empathic Leaders & Managers. 

Empath In The Office -- changing the world, one person at a time.  

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new visitors to Empath In The Office are feeling lost, unheard or unappreciated in their current job and need a change. They may be struggling to survive in a toxic environment, or want to find what job would provide the most soul fulfillment. As a result, we’ve organised the site into 5 outcomes we can help you achieve so that you can find the content that best suits this goal. These are:


How Can I Improve My Confidence?

For more free articles on Confidence, click here.


How Do I Find My Purpose?

If you've been struggling in life to find out why you are here, what you came here to do, or simply trying to find more meaning in your life, check out our articles on finding your life purpose here.


How Do I Know Myself?


How Do I Become Successful?


How Do I Get Out Of My Toxic Job?

Leaving a bad job or a bad boss is not easy -- we may need our job to survive. It all starts with learning to protect your energy @ work, building confidence, finding your purpose, then moving towards your desired life.

We offer a free video for Empaths and others drained by a toxic work environment to protect their energy by asserting appropriate boundaries in the corporate workplace and you can find it here.

Here are some articles that may help:


Interview Help:

You can also view short videos of helpful hints and tips to navigate the corporate workplace as an Empath in our YouTube channel here.

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