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Learn how to live a joyful and authentic work-life harmony in alignment with your soul & true life purpose, no matter if you are between jobs, burned out, or trapped in a toxic work environment.

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It doesn't matter whether you work at a bank, or a non-profit, if you are burned out and struggling to find meaning in life, I will help you reconnect to your soul so that you can live a life you love & feel alive every day! 


"There are 2 ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle." -- Albert Einstein


I'm Anna, Activation Method life coach, speaker, clinically certified couples counselor, HR and Finance professional, and infinite soul. I'm not a shaman or a guru. I won't tell you that quitting your job and becoming a yoga instructor will solve your problems (unless that is right for you) -- everyone's path is different. But I will help you be the shaman and leader of your own life, and empower you to discover and become what's in alignment with your own soul's calling.  And I will help you rediscover that juice for your life again! 


Make your life magic like it was created to be! Life is really so very short, and you can't afford to live it in anything less than pure joy!


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Reconnect With Your Soul

Sometimes (whether we are a manager or a worker in the corporate world) we forget to stay connected to life. And we waste our lives away not truly *feeling* the present and magical moments of our lives. This can be manifested in the following scenarios: Your bosses are cold and uncaring. Your coworkers are competitive people who forgot what it felt like to truly give without strings attached. Too many people care about what's in it for them.  That makes the world a fragmented, disconnected, and lonely place.
My story:
I don't remember much of my childhood. My friend joked that it was because I was planted by the CIA for a special project and my memories were erased Men In Black style... but then I realized that it was because I was never really *present* for most of my life, and childhood: I was always worried about how I looked to others, how to make others like me, how to complete one task and move on to the other... to do my duty of completing as many things as possible. I wanted things to be perfect, and an empty TO DO list was evidence of that. I didn't realize that in life, you will never be able to complete everything; that is by design. The point was to pick out what was most important to you, the ones that make your soul shine, the ones in which God / source / the universe works through you. 

I wasted most of my adult in that same way: always moving from one thing to the next, focused on what I had to get done rather than living. Pleasing others like bosses, partners, or "important" people... until I came into more than a few existential experiences and internalized that we will all die. Whether there is an afterlife or not, we need to make the most of this life.

Look around you: there is an abundance of people who are sad, depressed, lonely, angry, trying to pass the time, people living their lives only for their own self-interest... rather than living their life in joy as if every moment was a gift & a miracle. I wanted to make the most of every second of this gift that was given to me and help others do the same. 

Now more than ever is the time to connect with your soul and your true calling to experience life the way it was supposed to be lived: in joy, gratitude, and service to others sharing your gifts.  Recover from burnout, find and realize your passion and reclaim your true life gift that was given to you by your creator!  Now is the time to live your life the way you were created to be -- and be in awe of every minute! And you can do that, right now, in your work no matter if you work in a traditional corporate job, if you are a solo artist or homemaker.  

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Your coach and guide, Anna.
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Live every moment of your life as if it is a miracle... 

"Chronic dissatisfaction is how you sense you are living a lie." 


- David Deida, leading authority in masculine / feminine polarities

"You know in the deepest part of your heart that if you don't tell the truth, the world falls apart."


- Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto professor, clinical psychologist, YouTuber


"It is in the moments of great joy that our true being is most visible."


- Medhananda, German/Hindu mystic

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