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Helping Empaths Find Their Purpose & Gifts So That They Can Positively Transform The Corporate Workplace

We help you own your value and your purpose in the workplace - even if you are currently not heard, acknowledged, or appreciated. Find your power and use your unique gifts to transform any workplace from toxic to healing. 

Start By Protecting Your Energy @ Work!

What Is An Empath?

Although there are many types of Empaths, generally an Empath is a person with highly sensitive and intuitive abilities to pick up the emotional, physical or mental states of others. Empaths often feel very drained in corporate work environments because they pick up the energy of those around them, and most corporate work environments are of a much lower vibration than the Empath. The struggle then is purging the low vibrations of the toxic work environment so that they can find their power to heal it.

The current Corporate World is not made for Empaths. We help Empaths transform their toxic environments by empowering them to access their gifts and purpose to bring them success, understanding, and knowledge of self as well as become leaders & agents of change in the corporate world.

Am I An Empath?

  • Do you often feel drained after work or in a regular day?
  • Are you highly affected by more dramatic reactions towards you, such as a boss's or coworker's unkind words or harsh emails?
  • Do you feel drained when around certain people?
  • Do you easily feel other people’s pain?
  • Are you highly intuitive and can accurately read people or situations?
  • Do you often wonder the purpose of your life or the nature of the world around you? 
  • Do you search for answers, pondering the “why’s” of life?
  • Do you need a lot of alone time to recharge?
  • Do you become overly stimulated or overwhelmed at work or in public places where there are a lot of people?
  • Do you have an artistic and creative side that you need to express?

If most of these apply to you, then you may be an Empath.

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Who Are We?

We are Empaths who have left the most toxic and competitive corporate environments to use our gifts to positively transform the corporate world!

Tired of a toxic job depleting your energy?
Did you grow up thinking that a job is meant to be soul-sucking, a boss is meant to be a slave driver and you were meant to drag yourself to work every day?

That couldn't be more... WRONG!
We've figured out how to find workplace fulfillment as an Empath!
We create "Empathic Double Agents" to be leaders & influencers in the corporate workplace for the greater good. Win your soul back & start living your life purpose NOW.

Start By Protecting Your Energy @ Work!

QUIZ: What Work Archetype Am I?

There are 4 main archetypes people embody in a corporate environment. Find out which one you are to maximize your strengths and become your greatest version.

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Crushing Corporate Life

Mentor in a Box: Here we give you short tips on how to navigate complex situations in the corporate workplace as an Empath.


Tired of workplace politics & meaningless small talk? Visit our Videos page for helpful tips on how to navigate corporate life as an Empath. Updated weekly.

See More Videos The examples, anecdotes and characters in this story are drawn from research and life experience with real people and events. Names and some identifying features and details have been changed, and in some instances people or situations are composites.

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