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Which of the 4 Ancient Archetypes Do You Need to Bring Out in 2021?

Instead of making New Years' Resolutions this year, what if you chose to simply embody a different part of yourself? How would your life change?

Adapted from the studies of psychologists Robert Moore and Carl Jung, there are 4 main archetypes that have been found across mythology, spiritual practices, and human history: The Sovereign, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover. We all have each of these personas within us, and by embodying them, we can call certain powerful and spiritual aspects of ourselves out to help us achieve our highest potential.

There is no doubt that 2020 was a year that caused us to question the way we live our life, our mortality, and what is most important to us - it was a year of magnificent shifts. Now 2021 calls us to use what we learned and to step up as a leader. Let's go on a journey to introduce these 4 ancient parts of yourself, and how you can call upon them to bring out your best in 2021!

The Sovereign

The Sovereign is wise, seasoned and...

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How to Stop Selling Yourself Short & Get What You Want Out of Life

Why You Sell Yourself Short

Most people in the world, especially Empaths  (Quiz “How Empathic Are You?”), sell themselves short and get rattled by inappropriately given harsh criticism.  Without appropriate boundaries, Empaths can easily absorb the words and energy of all their worst critics, including themselves.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are critics, because they do not feel good enough about themselves to praise others.

Most people sell themselves short in one way or another. The root cause of not believing that you can do more, be more, and give more in this moment is due to criticism in either your earlier or present life by an authority figure. People sell themselves short because they believe what these authority figures, people they trust, or influencers tell them.

The truth is, the vast majority of people do not believe they are innately good enough. That is why there is so much criticism and judgment in the world today: People...

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Why It's Important To Speak Your Truth

Are You Feeling Your Voice Is Being Blocked?

Now, more than ever, it's important to find the courage to speak out. Every time you speak your truth, you make it safe for others to do so as well. The world is constantly changing, and although embracing the direction it's going is extremely important, we must never forget how important it is for all of us not to feel censored, but to feel free.

First: Love What Is

Let's first take a look at reality. Breathe in for 5 beats, hold for 5 beats, breathe out for 5. Our perception of reality depends on the information we have been taking in regarding it, PLUS beliefs we hold that were made from our own life experiences. 

Therefore, it's safe to say that there are unlimited perceptions of reality. But no matter what your perspective, if you are holding resistance to that reality, you will feel pain. The first step in healing that pain is to accept what is going on, and find some way to be in harmony with it. See reality as it is, and...

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How to Create Change Without Adverse Results (3 Easy Steps)

Recall a time in your business or life where you chose to implement a change, and some people did not take it well. Maybe they left the company or became disengaged. Worse, maybe they tried to sabotage you. What causes this adverse result and how do we fix it?

People handle change differently: they can run the gamut from those who tend to be comfortable with the status quo, and those who like to disrupt old processes and create change. And in the middle of these two are pragmatists who look at the situation from a more objective standpoint.

The secret is that anyone can just as easily be open to change if you do it right. Think about it: Anyone will be on board with change if it’s a change they choose to do rather than change done to them.

So how do we manage the situation of implementing change that others don’t choose? Well, we turn it into a change that they choose to do. Here are 3 simple steps to do so:


1) Add Massive Value First

Before you can convince...

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How To Heal From News & Social Media Burnout in 7 Easy Steps

The year of 2020 has been full of surprises and devastation:  massive Australian and Brazilian forest fires, the death of Kobe Bryant, a global pandemic, protests to end racism in the world, and many other emotionally charged events. It's enough to give even the calmest of us a reason to constantly be connected to news and social media.

With emotional topics come journalism that is especially leaning toward one side or another. Watching your friends post divisive articles or having animated conversations, arguments or even friendship-ending fights is especially draining for Empaths & highly sensitive people.

Constant connection to these types of news can definitely take a negative toll on your mental health. Not only that, but the anxiety and energy drain can initiate a downward spiral that prevents you from making the conscious brain and personal connections you need to facilitate positive change in the world. This is a prime time for change, and as Empaths, we need...

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The Psychology of Not Wearing or Wearing Masks During Pandemic


Ever wonder why some people are vehemently opposed to wearing masks and quarantining, while some are insisting they be worn for the good of the group? Ever wonder why some people are prone to the propaganda of people taking their freedoms away and some are prone to the propaganda of following established social norms?

It turns out that it's not about conspiracy theories, fear, or fake news (although these things come as a result of it); it's really about the predominant psychological temperaments of 2 different groups. The issue of whether or not to wear a mask in society is likely based on whether a person's dominant temperament is affiliative or pragmatic. Read below to see what this means.

Affiliatives vs. Pragmatics

According to depth psychology and Dr. Linda Bairnes, there are 2 different groups of people -- the AFFILIATIVES and the PRAGMATICS. 

AFFILIATIVES (55% of people)

  • are focused on the needs of the group rather than the self
  • they check in with social norms &...
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Working From Home? How To Transition From Work To Home Life (LIFE CHANGING!)

By: Contributing Writer

Since moving from an office environment into a remote workplace, Bloomberg has noted that US workers have logged in an average of an extra 3 hours of work per day. One of the reasons for this is that we are not able to manage the transition between work and home life since on the surface it all looks the same. It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way – and we're here to share tips that worked for us and other highly successful people who have been working from home for 10-20 years.

We all deserve to have a blissful life even with our work (do work that you love!), free from unnecessary stress, toxic work environments, and burnout. If you don’t yet believe this, please take a moment to re-read this statement and consider letting this idea in.

Here are 5 ways to successfully transition from work life to home life when working remotely so that you can enjoy your life and work smarter:


1) Plan a Consistent Transition Activity


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5 Unusual but Transformative Ways to Work From Home (THIS MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!)

By: Contributing Writer

For some office workers, this is their first time working from home. The strange combination of working a corporate job from home can be a shock to most. I can relate. Having been in a corporate environment all of my work life, I can say the difference is stark. However, even if I’ve worked in a conservative field like finance for most of my life, I went home to study martial arts, yoga/pilates, psychology, and various contemplative arts.

With the knowledge gained from all those areas, I want to share 5 unusual ways that helped me conquer working from home. You will probably not see these in any other article, but they are nonetheless deeply transformative and may change your life. 

Music has the power to immediately change your state and profoundly engage you in your work. Do you remember a time when you heard a song you loved from your past out of the blue and it tugged your heartstrings back to that moment? Music pulls out the...

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How To Create Healthy Food Options (Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian) In A Quarantine

Quarantine situations can make it hard to get not only variety but also access to fresh produce we once freely enjoyed.  An Empath knows how important it is to keep our minds and bodies as clear with natural, wholesome foods. However, there are few ideas out there for eating right and well in a quarantine. 

So we pulled together all you need to know on how to get the most cost-effective, least processed, healthy food when you're not allowed to leave the house. Some of these will be vegan options, others vegetarian, and others will include fish or chicken. Read on below to see some general tips and food combinations to prepare for months of quarantine. 

Top 10 Pieces of General Advice Before You Go Shopping

  1. Flash-frozen foods, such as vegetables, fish, and fruits hold much of their original nutrients. They also last for many months in the freezer. They are also relatively cost-effective.
  2. Breakout your food purchases into fresh, frozen, and canned/dry purchases,...
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Social Distancing For Empaths & Introverts - What You Should Know

Social Distancing For Empaths, Introverts & HSPs -- What You Should Know

In light of current events, the world today seems as if it was mysteriously flipped upside down from a completely extroverted one, into a profoundly introverted one. For the most part, extroverts are now experiencing that same draining discomfort, frustration, and anxiety that introverts endure every other day of their entire lives.

However, this is more than just a serendipitous switch out of extroversion, it's a manic thrust into introversion: people are being quarantined, unable to go out to clubs, bars, restaurants, religious gatherings, and other social gatherings. People have no choice but to stay inside their homes, the lucky working from home, and the others fighting to keep their jobs or to rescue and care for people who need it most. 


A Much Needed Rest

Amid all the cancelations, unexpectedly, it has shown most of the world how overburdened and overworked we all are....

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