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10 Ways To Know You Have Surpassed A Healthy Stress Limit

leave toxic jobs tips for managers Dec 29, 2021

Like the frog in a pot of water that does not realize it is being boiled as the temperature rises slowly, often we do not realize our stress levels sneakily rising during the holidays. 

It's important for managers to keep a good culture from going toxic during the holidays by being aware of their stress and how it affects their team. Here are 10 sneaky ways stress sneaks up with you at work... and how to bring yourself back to caring and empathy. 

10 Ways To Know You Have Surpassed A Healthy Stress Limit:

10.  You get an out-of-office message with a backup contact, and you email the first person asking for their backup contact (yes, this happens). 

9. You get an out of office message from a colleague with a date they are expected to return to the office, and you forget what the date is (or even that they are out of the office) and continue to email them asking for the date they will return (yes, this happens).

8. You complain to the person who sent you a link to something why the link doesn't work instead of realizing that it may be a technical issue.

7. The conversations you have with your significant other or family members are full of cranky harshness.

6. You subconsciously believe being harsh to someone will get the job done faster, and so you do it.

5. You have been thinking more about presents than your presence.

4. If you really think about it, you've been a demanding prick to someone. (It's ok, just apologize!) 

3. Every new email *ping* you get makes you want to strangle someone. 

2. The thing that you seem to want so urgently is, when you come to think about it, pretty unimportant.

1. You are being berated by everyone around you because THEY'RE stressed!

Have any of these things crept into your life this holiday season? Most likely if they have not happened to you, they have happened AROUND you. People, especially non-Empaths, are really stressed this time of year, and it's really important to be aware and to give grace instead because the culture in our companies depends on YOU. 

The more people who perpetuate the cycle of meanness, the more people are TAUGHT how to be mean to others, and the worst-off everyone is.

So how do we stop stress from hitting us this holiday season? Here's a tip I was given by a shaman on my journey... and that is to SOFTEN. When you are stressed at work, in any time of year but most likely the holidays, it helps to have the intent to soften yourself. 

So how exactly does one soften?

Here are some methods.

  1. First, is to progressively relax. Focus on the crown of your head. Relax. Then the forehead. Relax, soften. Your jaw. Relax. Your neck, soften. And so on.
  2. Practice Wim Hoff breathing. Look up his videos on Youtube. Take 30 breaths and breath fully in, then let it go. You don't have to do it exactly like Wim does to get the benefits of softening sometimes. All you really have to do is take 30 deep breaths and focus on those breaths. 
  3. Set the intention every day to soften at work. A good way to do this is to wear an intention bracelet with the word "soften." I got mine from but I do not get kickbacks for recommending this. Likely they do not even know of this site. Wearing this intention bracelet and setting the intention every day to soften can reap dividends into your life over the long term.

And so the lesson is this: Sometimes we don't notice when we are becoming a little bit grinchy over the holidays. But a little awareness goes a long way in making sure kindness rules this holiday season, and every day. #kindnesswins


What are some other insane things your stressed colleagues do at work? Vent your grievances below!



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