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Do THIS Everyday To Become Outrageously Successful

Throughout my life I've studied and followed countless mentors on success: Tim Ferriss, Napoleon Hill, Russell Brunson, Marisa Peer, Jeremy McGilvey, and Tony Robbins to name a few. 

The golden thread between their teachings, and the most powerful strategy I've found to gain success with absolute certainty is doing what you hate, and doing it first. If you have to fire someone, do it first. If the worst thing of the day for you is getting out of bed into the shower, jump out into that cold shower without thinking. 

The reason this works is because it builds POSITIVE MOMENTUM to make real changes in your life. By getting what you hate out of the way, you are freeing up the space for things you want - a much better fit. 

By removing that employee that is not a cultural fit, you leave the space for a peak performer that inspires the group. 

By jumping into a cold shower without negotiating with your brain on waiting another minute, or that you want to watch a YouTube video first, you gain the confidence a cold shower brings, not to mention greater immune system function, more fresh blood to your extremities, and an invigorated body or spirit. 

If you don't do this right away, especially as empaths who are sensitive to vibes and energy, you hold onto this negative energy of dread and fear all day while you psych yourself up to do it. If you do what you hate right away, you build up confidence of slaying the dragon first. If you wait to do the thing you hate, the opposite actually occurs -- you actually become more insecure. It's because your body feels the fear and procrastination you exhibit, and this takes away your confidence. 

The way to build up your confidence is through MOMENTUM -- doing something every single day towards your goal. The strategy of MOMENTUM is based on universal physical law: that an object in motion stays in motion until an outside force acts upon it.  Momentum isn't always easy to build. Imagine you are pushing a merry go round. The first push is the hardest: that's the thing you hate. But after that, everything else becomes easier. Then all it needs is a little push at intervals to keep going. 

This is exactly what you need to do to succeed. Start by doing what you hate first (the first big push of the merry go round), and then use that MOMENTUM in doing little pushes every day towards your goal and before you know it, you will be successful. 

At the very least, your confidence will grow. As you grow in confidence, you begin to realise that you can get better and better things out of life, and your intuition will begin to lead you there.

In my case, it's been a long time since I've written articles. I had not written a blog entry in 3 months. That's a quarter of a year. The reason I had not written any articles is because of the start up costs of writing it: I'd have to organize my thoughts, quote books, have it perfect...  Then log into a website that I haven't used in months so it became scary and unfamiliar... but then I finally woke up and said "I have to do the hardest thing in my day first." When the inspiration came, I immediately got out my computer and wrote it. 

You see, my biggest fear was being perfect. Writing the perfect article so that readers would understand me, find value in my work, and learn something. My limiting belief was that I had to be perfect. That couldn't be farther from the truth. What if it was better to just get something out there than to wait until it's perfect? Perfection is the lowest standard of life because perfection does not exist. It's better to get something out there that is 80% rather than withhold until it's 100%. 

So the secret to success is this: You do what you hate and you do it first. The hardest thing of the day is the thing you do first. Imagine doing just a little something for your business or your learning and self development every day. Imagine reading up on a new career you plan to enter every day. Imagine researching relationship tips to improve your relationship every day. You say you do not have time. But you do it first.  Do this every day and let me know how your life changes.  

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