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How To Tell If You're Working For A Narcissist

leave toxic jobs Jan 16, 2020

The quickest way to tell if you are working for a Narcissist is to pay attention to how they use rules and moral laws. 

A company has certain rules and laws they uphold to make things fair, whether they believe in them or not. Sometimes, there are regulations imposed on them to put people on equal footing. 

What we've found to be a key indicator of narcissism, and if you have a narcissistic boss, is their intentions with using the rules:

  • Do they have the outward appearance of following the rules, but internally, they are using the rules to get what they want?
  • Are they manipulating data to get the result they want?
  • What is their driving intention towards interacting with the rules?
  • Are they operating secretly, behind the scenes to set up an appearance of following the rules, or to move forward with a personal plan?
  • Are you pressured to collaborate with them under urgent circumstances?

All these signs are red flags that you are working for a narcissistic boss. 

Now, it may be hard or scary to notice this or get away from it. It is often not a good idea to counter narcissistic bosses directly, for they often have great political power. It is said that only the narcissists survive at the top. 

This has been true in the past because the current meritocratic system rewards short term results, which narcissists are great at appearing to get. Also, narcissists are very good at selecting people they know will obey them and their needs. If you have your own mind and heart, you will not be hired to work for them (they will manipulate the system to show that others are more qualified than you and eliminate you on a technicality). 

Now, we as empaths have a role to transform the organization from the inside, and this means rising above narcissism and narcissistic bosses by leading with Truth and Empathy. 

What To Do When Encountering Narcissism

So we have 2 choices when dealing with a narcissistic boss:

  1. Shine your light and stand by your values, ethics, and truth. This will either expose them and their actions, stop or slow down their processes... or it may get you fired. But if it does, you know that the company is toxic, and not a place for you to invest your time. The company will most likely end up falling on its own. 
  2. Leave the situation. Although it's great to influence things in a positive way, sometimes for our health and wellbeing, it's best to go where we can give our gifts and talents freely. Sometimes when a situation or company grows too toxic, people will jump ship and the situation will become exposed or collapse.

The decision is up to you and your tolerance. We are all granted free will to do what's best for us. And what's best for us is whatever we choose. If you want to learn how to protect your energy at work as an empath or highly sensitives, click here to learn how. 

Whatever you do, don't second guess your choice. We are all doing the best we can with the information we have available to us. 

 The Most Important Thing

The most important thing to note when spotting a narcissist is how they react to rules. What is their intention behind interacting with the rules? Intention is everything sometimes. If a person uses and bends the rules and uses people to get what they want, you are most likely dealing with a narcissist. 

The most important thing this can teach you is the importance of holding on to your truth, your values, and your ethics.


  • Do they align with the company you are working for?
  • What are your truths, ethics and values, exactly?
  • Is narcissism contributing to a toxic environment? 
  • What are your options from here?

It takes a strong person to acknowledge their values and stand up for them. In the end, no matter what happens, as you stand up for your truth, values, and ethics, you become stronger and may have inspired someone in the process. And this in of itself contributes to decreasing the level of corporate toxicity in the world. 


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