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LAW #14: How Cooperation Can Make You Money

Have you ever been excited to see someone you have followed on YouTube collaborate with another awesome YouTuber?

Or have you ever been a fan of someone and was introduced to someone you were equally excited about through a social collab?

Most of Empaths tend to be introverts, so the idea of going out of your comfort zone and prospecting someone to help you in your mission can be pretty daunting. 

In this article, I explain the #14th Law of Success as written by Napoleon Hill, and how you can use it to increase your success as an Empath in the Office.

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Law #14: Cooperation

Understanding the Law of Cooperation is understanding how economics works. The world operates as a system, rather than in sylos. If you look in nature, you see a system of ants moving in cooperation, a hive of bees with compatible functions, even groups of trees that shelter the crops and animals below. As an effect, nature is abundant, with treasure troves of fruit from trees, crops from the land and birds in the sky. Every piece has it's part. Nature works cooperatively, and if you follow this natural law, abundance will result in whatever you do. 

"No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit".

- Andrew Carnegie

One of the strongest and simplest secrets to abundance is cooperation. If you stand on the shoulders of other person, you see more. If you hold 3 pens together to make dots, you make many more dots with the same amount of time and effort than if you used only one pen. 

But... Empaths Often Feel Most Comfortable Alone

However, one of the challenges of Empaths and Lightworkers, who are most likely introverts, is that reaching out to another person is often draining. Also, not everyone has the same heart as you, so you cannot control whether they will hurt you.

How many of you remember a time when you were screwed over by another person whom you tried to cooperate with? One of my colleagues had started a business, and then found out his accountant had been embezzling 25% of his company's cash and when discovered, fled to Mexico. How scary is that?

How can you trust people, especially if you have been in a competitive environment with Machiavellian tendencies such as Consulting, Banking or Marketing?  

Knowledge of Human Nature Is Key

Before you collaborate with someone, it's helpful to know what type of person they are, and how you will likely relate. Knowledge of human nature is gained 2 ways:

  • by experience
  • by using your empathic abilities of intuition

As Empaths -- and if you are on this site -- you may naturally hold a strong intuitive sense, and through experience with people, you are able to judge them to note whether they will be harmful to you or supportive. Sometimes, this is not easy. You never know until you find out. 

Testing For Collaboration

In these cases it can help to create a simple test. For instance, if someone asks you to borrow a game or DVD, you may be afraid to lend it out to them. What if they don't return it to you? In this way, you will find out if they are a trustworthy person who keeps their word, if they return it to you when they say they will. If they do not return it, you've lost the price of the DVD, but you gained knowledge of the person's nature. 

There are many simple tests you can use to test someone before you decide to go in with them on a project. No test is a failure. No matter what the result, you always learn more about human nature.

How Can I Collaborate To Enter The Law of Success?

A fundamental law is that success is not created alone. No one who was super successful did it on his/her own.  It can be scary to reach out. Here are some ways to ease into it as an Empath, so that you can have more breadth to use your talents, highlight your creativity, or help bring more light to the world... whatever you came here to do. 

  1. Get out there with your brand. The first step is to just make it happen. As explained in the article of Momentum, the first step is the hardest but most important. First get yourself out there, create momentum, then you will have the energy to attract resources to help you.
  2. Reach out to those on the same journey as you. When you comment, like, share or help others like you, it inspires a connection. People who are genuinely connected to what you do and what you have to say will be inspired to respond back to you. Develop this authentic relationship, and soon a collaboration opportunity may organically appear as either he/she or you will encounter a bright idea or opportunity to share.
  3. Eat fresh, water based foods. It may come as a shock, but your energy and mindset is highly influenced by what you eat. Have you ever stopped to see how you feel after eating a burger and fries or pizza versus a colourful vegan salad plate with spices, oils and textures with a hot cup of turmeric tea? Nourish your body first to nourish your mind and soul. 
  4. Stay calm, don't chase the connection. When you are listening to your soul, when you are in the wise & peaceful mind rather than the monkey mind, you make the correct decisions. When you are rushing with your goal to find the right person to collaborate with, or compare yourself to others, you dampen our intuition and often choose a less compatible match. Don't chase. Let it fall into place. 
  5. Give first before receiving. Sometimes, when you are just starting out on your journey, or if you feel overwhelmed with your current situation, it can be too much pressure to find someone to collaborate with. But you know you must interact with more people for that promotion, for leadership, to get your business or YouTube channel out... See what you can give first. Can you ask for an interview and publish the thoughts of a famous person, or even a not so famous but interesting person? Can you offer some kind of service to the person you want to collaborate with for free? Can you do a free shout-out on Instagram with no strings attached other than you love to promote this person's work? People are in love with their purpose, and if they see someone else interested and engaged, they think --- "Oh! It's my tribe!"
  6. Do 1 thing per day towards your goal, and keep your mind open to receive the opportunities. Always be ready to receive the opportunities, but do not just sit there waiting. You have to be moving, and keeping the momentum going to meet the right people. Keep commenting, keep writing to people, keep asking people for interviews. If you keep moving towards a goal, with your eyes open for opportunities, you must one day achieve it. 

Hope this helped you in your journey to become your greatest version as an Empath. What are some ways you have started collaborating with people to share your mission? Comment below so others can learn, share and collaborate!

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