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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Self Worth

Worth Is Inherent And Eternal

So many people don't know that you cannot lose self worth. How you choose to live and the meaning you place on you being here in this world is entirely of your choosing.

  • Your worth is inherent, eternal and unchangeable. It cannot be created or destroyed.
  • You were born with worth and you die with worth.
  • No matter how you spent your life, your worth never changes.
  • You don't need to justify your life. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone.   

When the seed of a rose is planted, and the roots start to grow, it may not yet look like a rose, but within that seed it has always been a rose. 

If you crumple up a $20 bill, it's still worth $20. If you step on it and bury it in the dirt, it's still worth $20. As long as the $20 is intact, there is nothing you can do to diminish it's value. 

People choose to diminish their value by gauging the other people's perceptions of them. The truth is that the only perception that matters is the perception you have of yourself. How to increase your perception of yourself.

How To Increase Feelings Of Worth

  1. Ask yourself: How am I enough? Shift your focus on appreciation of yourself. Make a list of all the things you are good at, and can do better than anyone you know. Everyone has these things. If you are feeling resistance to this exercise, see this video on Emotional Flooding.
  2. Avoid comparing yourself to others. That inevitably will make you feel bad, even if you are comparing yourself to someone who has less than you. If this cannot be avoided, learn to turn it around to your benefit.
  3. Meditate on self affirming thoughts.  Write "I AM", "I CAN" or "I HAVE" statements on post it notes and tape them to your mirror. I AM an excellent communicator. I HAVE powerful coping skills; I can cope with anything.  I HAVE mad productivity skills. I AM successful. 
  4. Start to complete one simple task. Then complete another. And another. Productivity, although it does not enhance your worth which is eternal, it can increase the expression of your self worth. As you are being productive, it shifts your focus away from debilitating thoughts and into the task at hand. As you complete more and more tasks, you  have a trail of proofs of the value of your expression.
  5. Do some physical activity. Your brain gets gratification from thinking debilitating thoughts, because in the caveman times, you didn't have time to be happy. You were always worried about the next threat coming at you. So your brain rewarded you for finding the things that were wrong about your situation. Except you took them one step further and started targeting yourself.  Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine, natural brain chemicals that promote happiness and well being. After an exercise routine, you start to have feelings of confidence and competence, which increases your feelings of worth.

Self worth is always inherent. It is the light over which you choose to place the screen of your feelings over. You may place beautiful stained glass over that light or you may place a piece of dirty dark glass to obscure the light. The choice is yours. 


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