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Why It's Important To Speak Your Truth

confidence purpose Jan 16, 2022

Are You Feeling Your Voice Is Being Blocked?

Now, more than ever, it's important to find the courage to speak out. Every time you speak your truth, you make it safe for others to do so as well. The world is constantly changing, and although embracing the direction it's going is extremely important, we must never forget how important it is for all of us not to feel censored, but to feel free.

First: Love What Is

Let's first take a look at reality. Breathe in for 5 beats, hold for 5 beats, breathe out for 5. Our perception of reality depends on the information we have been taking in regarding it, PLUS beliefs we hold that were made from our own life experiences. 

Therefore, it's safe to say that there are unlimited perceptions of reality. But no matter what your perspective, if you are holding resistance to that reality, you will feel pain. The first step in healing that pain is to accept what is going on, and find some way to be in harmony with it. See reality as it is, and love it. 

Leaders first see things as they are, then they see things as they want them to be, and finally they take steps to move it in that direction -- harmoniously. 

The problem now is that people are looking at reality from their own perspective, some blocked by hateful beliefs, most not open to other views, or being censored.  This censorship and one-sidedness leads to separation, victim mentality, and "us versus them" mindset. This is so dangerous because the solutions implemented from a separation mindset, or an "us versus them" mentality will not be correct solutions, and will cause further pain.  The only solutions that are right are solutions that come from TRUTH. 

What's going on at this time is a beautiful thing, because there are so many lessons to learn and to be incorporated to make systems and society better. What we are seeing now is an awareness of pain and hurt that need to be healed. What is also happening is that the voices of some sides are drowning out the voices of others, which is what contributed to the pain in the first place.

Simple psychology states that emotions that are repressed will come out in other avenues. The more you suppress yourself and your voice, the more resentful you will feel, and that resentment hides deep within the body, mind and soul. 

Simple awareness without self-reflection is useless. If people aren't free to be themselves, speak what they feel because of backlash, we will never learn the truth. Right now we have an abundance of awareness due to unprecedented events happening on planet Earth, but very little opportunity for self-reflection, if we can't speak out.

The more we are inhibited to speak out, the more divided we become, as we search only for like-minded views that give us the opportunity to speak out. We become more engrained in separation and farther away from the truth. 

Second: Find The Truth

If you believe in extremely conservative (right-wing) viewpoints, you're probably going to be right 50% of the time. If you believe in radical left-wing viewpoints, you're probably going to be right 50% of the time. The truth will lie somewhere in the middle. That is why it's so important that everyone speaks out and no one gets censored because the more canceling takes place, the more emotional decisions are made (because messages being silenced have a tendency to come back with a vengeance), and the farther away from the truth we get, the deeper we go into separation, and the more healing we will need to get out of it.

We all intuitively know that silencing our voice means silencing our soul. And that is so painful. This pain will be passed down through generations, through the vibes our kids pick up from our silence to every single person we meet. Our silence closes our hearts and prevents us from learning. And as a society, it brings us farther and farther away from the basic human rights and freedom we have pushed forward to achieve after many generations. 

As we evolve to higher psychological and spiritual consciousness (no matter what religion you are, there are higher and higher versions of it, more on this later...) the better we become as human beings, because we are coming from a place of service -- a higher perspective. 

Third: Come From A Higher Perspective

A higher perspective means:

  • Not putting limitations on ourselves on what we can accomplish or for what reason. Ask yourself: Is this a limiting belief?
  • Knowing that our past does not equal our future unless we live there.
  • Breaking free from blame and victim mentality
  • Acting from a space of service to others rather than service to self.
  • Fighting our internal prejudices and blocks so that we can adequately hear and understand all perspectives
  • Focusing on finding the truth rather than a narrative
  • Moving towards unity and farther from division.

 Simple awareness means nothing without adequate self-reflection. 

Ask yourself:

  1. If a friend expressed different views to me and/or refused to see another viewpoint, do I continue the friendship or not? At what point would I discontinue the friendship? Why?
  2. If a store expressed a different political view than me, would I continue to buy their products? Why? At what point would I cease shopping there? Why?
  3. Am I afraid to investigate a different point of view? Do I feel resistant to a certain point of view? Why? 
  4. Have I investigated all options with true openness to find the truth? Am I leading with the truth or my ego (my need for significance)?
  5. Am I expressing myself in a loving way, or deluding myself that my harsh language is my truth? (only you will know if you are using brutal language to serve others or to serve your own point). 

What Can I Do To Speak My Truth If I Feel I Cannot?  

If you feel you can't speak your truth and you will be censored, here are some things that might help:

  • Are you surrounded by people or who do not allow your voice to be heard?  Find someone, whether it be online or in-person, that creates a safe space for you to be heard without fear of judgment or persecution.
  • Be a safe haven and hold space for others that need to be heard, even if they don't share your view. Hmm... maybe I can learn something?
  • Follow people on social media that have a voice who have been there with feeling their voice was blocked before so you can have a good role model rooting you on and paving the way.
  • Find an anonymous avenue to get everything out that you ever wanted to say, from writing it in a journal and then burning or ripping up the pages, to talking to a pillow all the things you are afraid to say or things that you want to have happen.

 It has always been a good time to speak up, no matter what is happening in the world. Speaking out and finding your voice is incredibly therapeutic and no one should be withheld of this gift. No one should be bullied to lower their voice or to be censored. This breaks the fundamental need for humanity to be free to create from their greatest gifts. The need to speak out is a soul cry to be our greatest version. From our voice, we find better and better things to do, be, and create for the world. 

We all are made to be authentically us. Be unapologetically you! Now more than ever we need your true self because holding in our voice causes repressed pain and trauma which will be taken out on others now or in future generations. When you speak your truth, you give others permission to be unapologetically who they are as well. And that's a beautiful gift to give others. 


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