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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Self Worth

Worth Is Inherent And Eternal

So many people don't know that you cannot lose self worth. How you choose to live and the meaning you place on you being here in this world is entirely of your choosing.

  • Your worth is inherent, eternal and unchangeable. It cannot be created or destroyed.
  • You were born with worth and you die with worth.
  • No matter how you spent your life, your worth never changes.
  • You don't need to justify your life. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone.   

When the seed of a rose is planted, and the roots start to grow, it may not yet look like a rose, but within that seed it has always been a rose. 

If you crumple up a $20 bill, it's still worth $20. If you step on it and bury it in the dirt, it's still worth $20. As long as the $20 is intact, there is nothing you can do to diminish it's value. 

People choose to diminish their value by gauging the other people's perceptions of them. The truth is that the only perception that...

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LAW #13: Why Everyone Must FAIL At Least Once In Their Life

The 13th Law of Success in Napoleon Hill's book The Law of Success is about Failure.  

There are 2 ways to look at failure -- like a monkey that never leaves your back and sticks to you so much that you believe you are destined for failure on a regular basis, and that you'd never get out of that death spiral -- or you can see it as a magical "redirect".

People who are comfortable with failure know that the Universe has their back. They don't worry because they know they are alive, and no failure has killed them yet. 

Why Failure Feels So Bad

What people worry most about failure is actually the fear of death. Because if we don't succeed, we are not worthy, and if we are not worthy, then we won't be loved. And when we are not loved, we feel like we will die.

It's not too far from reality. In the caveman times, we had to be "loved" or accepted into the tribe or we would be cut off from their food, protection and companionship. No one would risk being cut off in that...

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3 Sneaky Life Lessons Learned From Unhealthy Comparison To Others

Let's be real here. Comparisons to others take up SOOOO much of your time! Time spent insecure about how better looking another colleague looks than you, how much more successful they are and faster moving up the corporate ladder than you, or how much money they have to buy a boat and have a maid.

How many of you have spent days sometimes feeling bad about yourself just because  you saw someone else as better than you in some ways? Or spent days at home eating chocolate because you felt you couldn't measure up to the superstar at work? How does all of that super suck?

You can look at people in 3 different ways:

1. As better than you (you are looking up at them / up to them)

2. As inferior to you (you are looking down on them)

3. As equals (no one is better than or worse than you). 

The truth is, unless you look at people as equals, you're going to have pain in your life. When you compare yourself to others, you are either in position 1 or 2. 


Real Life Lessons...

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LAW #14: How Cooperation Can Make You Money

Have you ever been excited to see someone you have followed on YouTube collaborate with another awesome YouTuber?

Or have you ever been a fan of someone and was introduced to someone you were equally excited about through a social collab?

Most of Empaths tend to be introverts, so the idea of going out of your comfort zone and prospecting someone to help you in your mission can be pretty daunting. 

In this article, I explain the #14th Law of Success as written by Napoleon Hill, and how you can use it to increase your success as an Empath in the Office.

Get the book:  The Law of Success

Law #14: Cooperation

Understanding the Law of Cooperation is understanding how economics works. The world operates as a system, rather than in sylos. If you look in nature, you see a system of ants moving in cooperation, a hive of bees with compatible functions, even groups of trees that shelter the crops and animals below. As an effect, nature is abundant, with treasure troves of fruit from...

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LAW #15: Why 'The Golden Rule' Is The Most Powerful Tool of Self Transformation

I don't know about you, but I grew up thinking the Golden Rule was too simplistic: Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.  Nobody really follows it, right? People are self centered and will bully you anyway because no one has the awareness to treat others kindly, I had thought.

People who do not trust the Golden Rule were probably scammed by someone else who didn't follow it. Similarly, people may believe the Golden Rule has more to do with religion than their own lives, so they don't use it. As a non-religious person who has lived a full life of horrors and beauty, I now know that the Golden Rule is one of, if not the most powerful tool to transform your life.

 The Golden Rule is so much more profound than you think. It wasn't until I read Napoleon Hill's book The Law of Success that I realized that the Golden Rule is the capstone to your true power, and the ability to become your greatest version and materialize whatever you want. 

It's Your...

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Do THIS Everyday To Become Outrageously Successful

Throughout my life I've studied and followed countless mentors on success: Tim Ferriss, Napoleon Hill, Russell Brunson, Marisa Peer, Jeremy McGilvey, and Tony Robbins to name a few. 

The golden thread between their teachings, and the most powerful strategy I've found to gain success with absolute certainty is doing what you hate, and doing it first. If you have to fire someone, do it first. If the worst thing of the day for you is getting out of bed into the shower, jump out into that cold shower without thinking. 

The reason this works is because it builds POSITIVE MOMENTUM to make real changes in your life. By getting what you hate out of the way, you are freeing up the space for things you want - a much better fit. 

By removing that employee that is not a cultural fit, you leave the space for a peak performer that inspires the group. 

By jumping into a cold shower without negotiating with your brain on waiting another minute, or that you want to watch a...

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The #1 Secret to Acing “Your Story” In a Job Interview

How many of you were taught to “prepare your story” for an interview? Career experts would say that you must prepare your story so that there is a logical flow from all the points of the resume, and to embellish each aspect in the best light according to the position… but the reality is, if you have to prepare your story, and embellish it, it’s not really your real story is it? It’s some Hollywood version of your story. It’s not authentic.

What’s the cost to you of not being authentic?

Let’s say you convince a hiring manager to hire you in a job you won’t find long term fulfillment in, because you chose it primarily to look important or make more money. Or suppose you had the right job but was suddenly put under leadership that no longer was a good fit for you, but you did not do anything about it. What happens? Maybe the years will pass by monotonously and one day you’ll wake up wondering why you are not fulfilled in your...

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How to Work For A Controlling Boss, PART DEUX


In Part I,  we learned that control is primarily a result of trying to meet the need of certainty, and sometimes significance, depending on how the boss requests what he needs. And in that Part I, it was suggested that if you’re under an abusive and controlling boss, you should leave for greener pastures; they are out there (Bosses: Searching For Mr. Right). However, some of us might not have the luxury to leave right away, or we may have our reasons to stay a while. In this instance, you have the option of becoming an empathic superhero by trying to understand where your boss is coming from.


Angela's Story

For years Angela couldn’t leave her position at the bank due to personal and financial reasons. It could have been that the real – karmic – reason she needed to stay in her current role may to learn confidence to stand up to a bully boss and to find her value in the  workplace. Sometimes, we are presented with the same harsh lessons over and...

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How to Work For A Controlling Boss


Are you working for a boss who constantly makes you feel inadequate? Do you have a boss that is not supportive of your career growth, because they want to keep you in your current position? This may manifest in actions such as being controlling, using bullying or manipulation, or even gaslighting. So many Empaths find themselves working with toxic bosses at work that steal their confidence and keep them small. 

In many industries, departments are reorganized every few years, and new bosses are placed above you, or you are placed in a new department with a different boss, so the chances of getting a toxic or controlling boss who wants to keep you small are steadily increasing. Maybe you are dealing with a controlling boss right now. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing – sometimes  the most pivotal points in life occurs when you have a toxic boss because that’s when you realise that you deserve more for yourself, and that the cycle of bad...

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