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The #1 Secret to Acing “Your Story” In a Job Interview

How many of you were taught to “prepare your story” for an interview? Career experts would say that you must prepare your story so that there is a logical flow from all the points of the resume, and to embellish each aspect in the best light according to the position… but the reality is, if you have to prepare your story, and embellish it, it’s not really your real story is it? It’s some Hollywood version of your story. It’s not authentic.

What’s the cost to you of not being authentic?

Let’s say you convince a hiring manager to hire you in a job you won’t find long term fulfillment in, because you chose it primarily to look important or make more money. Or suppose you had the right job but was suddenly put under leadership that no longer was a good fit for you, but you did not do anything about it. What happens? Maybe the years will pass by monotonously and one day you’ll wake up wondering why you are not fulfilled in your...

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How to Work For A Controlling Boss, PART DEUX


In Part I,  we learned that control is primarily a result of trying to meet the need of certainty, and sometimes significance, depending on how the boss requests what he needs. And in that Part I, it was suggested that if you’re under an abusive and controlling boss, you should leave for greener pastures; they are out there (Bosses: Searching For Mr. Right). However, some of us might not have the luxury to leave right away, or we may have our reasons to stay a while. In this instance, you have the option of becoming an empathic superhero by trying to understand where your boss is coming from.


Angela's Story

For years Angela couldn’t leave her position at the bank due to personal and financial reasons. It could have been that the real – karmic – reason she needed to stay in her current role may to learn confidence to stand up to a bully boss and to find her value in the  workplace. Sometimes, we are presented with the same harsh lessons over and...

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How to Work For A Controlling Boss


Are you working for a boss who constantly makes you feel inadequate? Do you have a boss that is not supportive of your career growth, because they want to keep you in your current position? This may manifest in actions such as being controlling, using bullying or manipulation, or even gaslighting. So many Empaths find themselves working with toxic bosses at work that steal their confidence and keep them small. 

In many industries, departments are reorganized every few years, and new bosses are placed above you, or you are placed in a new department with a different boss, so the chances of getting a toxic or controlling boss who wants to keep you small are steadily increasing. Maybe you are dealing with a controlling boss right now. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing – sometimes  the most pivotal points in life occurs when you have a toxic boss because that’s when you realise that you deserve more for yourself, and that the cycle of bad...

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