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Which of the 4 Ancient Archetypes Do You Need to Bring Out in 2021?

Instead of making New Years' Resolutions this year, what if you chose to simply embody a different part of yourself? How would your life change?

Adapted from the studies of psychologists Robert Moore and Carl Jung, there are 4 main archetypes that have been found across mythology, spiritual practices, and human history: The Sovereign, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover. We all have each of these personas within us, and by embodying them, we can call certain powerful and spiritual aspects of ourselves out to help us achieve our highest potential.

There is no doubt that 2020 was a year that caused us to question the way we live our life, our mortality, and what is most important to us - it was a year of magnificent shifts. Now 2021 calls us to use what we learned and to step up as a leader. Let's go on a journey to introduce these 4 ancient parts of yourself, and how you can call upon them to bring out your best in 2021!

The Sovereign

The Sovereign is wise, seasoned and...

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Why It's Important To Speak Your Truth

Are You Feeling Your Voice Is Being Blocked?

Now, more than ever, it's important to find the courage to speak out. Every time you speak your truth, you make it safe for others to do so as well. The world is constantly changing, and although embracing the direction it's going is extremely important, we must never forget how important it is for all of us not to feel censored, but to feel free.

First: Love What Is

Let's first take a look at reality. Breathe in for 5 beats, hold for 5 beats, breathe out for 5. Our perception of reality depends on the information we have been taking in regarding it, PLUS beliefs we hold that were made from our own life experiences. 

Therefore, it's safe to say that there are unlimited perceptions of reality. But no matter what your perspective, if you are holding resistance to that reality, you will feel pain. The first step in healing that pain is to accept what is going on, and find some way to be in harmony with it. See reality as it is, and...

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Intention: An Empath's Secret Superpower In The Workplace

Whoever understands intention wields great personal power in any workplace. When you understand the importance and influence of intention, you gain two magical powers:

  1. It gives you the power to understand anyone
  2. It allows you to create your own reality. 

Human beings, when you narrow it all down, do anything and everything to feel better, or to avoid pain. This is a positive intention. 

The Power to Understand Anyone

If we assume everything everyone does has a positive intent, we simplify so much of life. That coworker who keeps following up with you if you don't answer an email right away is not trying to make you feel bad but trying to make her life easier by getting the answer now to avoid a situation she may be trying to fix. 

That boss who yells at you after you spent so much time and effort on a tough project for him isn't really angry at you, but he may be scared because he needed to get something done for his boss, or else he would get fired. 

When you...

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3 Transformative Ways To Make Your Interview Unforgettable

by: Contributing writer

Have you ever wondered what makes an interview memorable to a manager? Do you struggle with getting noticed even if you have a significant skillset?

Sometimes a bad interview can dampen your vibe, and ruin the chances of getting where you want to be -- whether it be an internal move or landing that dream job. But it doesn't mean you have to pull a circus trick to get noticed. If you study, internalize and incorporate these 3 things, you'll be far ahead of anyone else in being remembered by the recruiter or hiring manager.

Here are 3 things I learned in my journey to make an interview unforgettable.

1) Know Your Purpose In Life

  • What can you do better than anyone else?
  • What can you do more effortlessly than anyone else?
  • What gives you pleasure to do for hours on end which no one asked you to do?
  • What interest could you research or talk about for hours & hours?
  • What would you do if money were no issue?

Often your purpose in life is rooted in what you loved...

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#1 Reason You Are Not Happy With Your Job

The author David Deida used to say "Chronic dissatisfaction is how you sense you are living a lie." 

Most of us come to our jobs reluctantly. Most of us would rather stay at home and sleep. Why?

To find out, grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and write down the answers to these questions:

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you choose every day to leave your bed to do?
  • What would you like to do?  What would you rather do?
  • If you had all your physical needs taken care of, what would get you out of bed in the morning then?

Now, beneath this list, write down what you do on a daily basis in your job today. What are the outcomes expected by your role? Why do you go to work every day? Go ahead and write it down, now. 

After you've finished, compare the 2 lists. What observations do you see?

Alignment With Your Life Purpose

The reason most people are dissatisfied by what they do in life is that the outcomes of their job are not aligned with their life...

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