Reconnect With Your Soul


There is an epidemic of emptiness coursing through modern civilization. The constant running, doing, trying hard to be someone gets people farther & farther away from their Spirit. 
Carl Jung argued that the sacred element is essential to healing: "The approach to the sacred or numinous is the real therapy,  & inasmuch as you attain the numinous experience, you are released from the curse of pathology."  


Empath In The Office Life Advancement Coaching specializes in helping people reconnect to their true selves. From that place, all the answers can be found. Coaching can include but not limited to:

  • Life purpose / congruency / authenticity
  • Leadership coaching for empaths, highly sensitives, and introverts
  • Life advancement & transformation 
  • Clarity on a situation in life
  • Soul-aligned career planning
  • Promoting your true self: Interviewing, salary negotiation, resume help 
  • Work-life Harmony, stress management and burnout restoration
  • Confidence
  • Productivity
  • Understanding & improving relationships
  • Spiritual guidance 
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Meet Your Coach


Hi, I'm Anna, founder of Empath In the Office, and I'm a person who has learned that being connected with my soul was the most important thing I needed to do in life. After that, everything will fall into place. As an introverted intuitive, I grew up in a highly controlling environment where I was bullied and belittled daily, and my individuality was not accepted. To get out of this struggle, I had to learn to love and accept myself. In the process, I reconnected with that true and pure part of myself which some call the higher self, the soul or Spirit. The purpose of my life is to remain connected with my soul and help others reconnect with their soul so that they can rediscover wholeness, purity, and unshakable direction in their lives.


(In addition to 15+ years corporate, banking & HR experience + building businesses) 

Business & Management

Masters in Business Administration from IESE Business School, ranked #1 Business School in the World for 2021 by the Economist.

Life Coaching

Certified Activation Method Coach trained by Tony Robbins & world-renowned psychologist Cloe Madanes. Senior Leader at Robbins Research International.


Certified NLP practitioner by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology & self-studied in Jungian typology & 5 Factor Model of personality.


Level II certification in Gottman Method couples counseling. 10+ years relationship training. In a successful life partnership. Mentored by Tony Robbins.



1-1 Consultations


One-Off Sessions & General Life Advancement Sessions featuring the topics listed above.

Promote Your True Self:
Soul-Aligned Resume & LinkedIn Optimization

Fast Track To Having A Resume & LinkedIn Profile That Attracts People To The Authentic You!

  • Showcase who you really are in a professional & elegant way
  • Have a resume that hooks hiring managers 
  • Attract the right recruiters to you
  • Fearlessly brand yourself while creating engaging value-add content

All the while staying 100% true to yourself! 

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Soul-Congruent Interviews: Step Into Your Authenticity & Interview Like A Pro

Fast track to executing your interview flawlessly, with confidence, precision, and poise... Secrets from a recruiter and hiring manager who has interviewed & hired top executives from all over the world.

  • Step into your authentic power 
  • Communicate effectively about who you are & what you want, while simultaneously asserting your value to the company
  • Stand out from the crowd & make your interview unforgettable

You are unique. There is no one like you. That is your power.

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Get Paid What You're Worth: Ninja Salary Negotiation Secrets

Fast track to negotiating your worth using secret NLP and HR techniques. Part of being your true authentic self is allowing yourself to be paid correctly for the value you bring.

  • Own your value
  • Get paid more
  • Step into the life you deserve
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General Life Advancement Session

These sessions are for people who want to dive deep and transform themselves over a period of time and re-connect with their soul.  Topics are always geared toward work-life harmony and living a soul-aligned life, and can include the following (also mentioned above):

  • Life purpose / congruency / authenticity
  • Empathic & Servant Leadership 
  • Soul-aligned career planning
  • Stress management & burnout restoration
  • Confidence
  • Productivity
  • Passionate, made-for me relationships
  • Spiritual guidance

"The Medicine": At the end of the call, you will have a path forward and specific steps to take to advance your life.

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