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1-Hr One-Off Session - Promote Your True Self: Soul-Aligned LinkedIn & Resume Optimization

Reconnect With Your Soul

There is an epidemic of emptiness coursing through modern civilization. The constant running, doing, trying hard to be someone gets people farther & farther away from their Spirit. 

Carl Jung argued that the sacred element is essential to healing: "The approach to the sacred or numinous is the real therapy,  & inasmuch as you attain the numinous experience, you are released from the curse of pathology."  


Empath In The Office Individual Coaching specializes in helping people reconnect to their true selves. Coaching can include but not limited to:

  • Life purpose / congruency / authenticity
  • Leadership coaching for empaths, highly sensitives, and introverts
  • Life advancement & transformation 
  • Clarity on a situation in life
  • Career planning
  • Confidence
  • Productivity
  • Understanding & improving relationships
  • Spiritual guidance 



Terms of Agreement:

Time Management and Upfront Agreements: In the event that a reschedule will need to happen, both parties agree upon a 24 hour notification. In order to notify of a reschedule please email Anna at [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled call. Failure to do so on the client’s end will result in surrender and forfeit of full payment of the scheduled session. Failure to give a minimum of 24-hour notice to the client on the coach’s end will result in a free session to the client that will be added to the current commitment. Both parties agree that calls start promptly on time. If either party is running late for any reason there is a 5 minute grace period as long as there is a heads up having been provided ahead of time, and if no heads up is provided and 5 minutes have passed and the client or coach is not in the zoom meeting, the same forfeit terms apply here – client to forfeit session, or coach to offer another session added on at no charge to the client. In order to notify of a 5-minute delay or any tech issues when logging on, please email Anna at [email protected] The coach will stay on google meet for 5 minutes, and waiting for the client to jump on, and will check email to see if any notifications have come through before hopping off and concluding a session forfeit.

*In the event that there is a technical difficulty with google meet we can do the session on the phone.

Email questions in between sessions will be limited to 1 logistics email chain. Charges to any emails past this limit is $15 per email.

Upfront Agreement: The service to be provided is coaching, which is not advice, therapy, legal services, business consulting, nor counseling and may address specific personal projects, business successes, relationships, spiritual curiosities, or general conditions in the client’s life or profession. Coaching is a designed alliance that helps bring out the best in the client and helps the client create and live the life they want to live.

As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during my coaching calls, including my choices and decisions. I am aware that I can choose to discontinue coaching at any time. I recognize that coaching is not psychotherapy, medical advice, or psychiatric care and that professional referrals will be given if needed.  

I understand that “life coaching” is a relationship I have with my coach that is designed to facilitate the creation/ development of personal, professional, business, health, spiritual and other personal goals and carry out a strategy/ plan/action for achieving those goals.

Throughout the session, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and mirroring back what is being witnessed in your patterns, your beliefs, your blocks, etc. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the client and the client agrees to do just that—have the coaching relationship to be powerful.

Please remember that you the client take full accountability and liability for your own experience inside and outside of the session. The coach’s responsibility to the client is to share knowledge and experiences to help the client reach their goals and reconnect with themselves.

 I understand that life coaching is comprehensive and may involve exploration into all areas of my life, including work, finances, health, spiritual, relationships, education, and recreation. I acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues and implement my choices is exclusively my responsibility.

I understand that life coaching does not treat mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I understand that life coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment, and I will not use it in place of any form of therapy.

I promise that if I am currently in therapy or otherwise under the care of a mental health professional, that I have consulted with this person regarding the advisability of working with a life coach and that this person is aware of my decision to proceed with the life coaching relationship.

I understand that the information will be held as confidential unless I state otherwise in writing, except as required by law.

I understand that certain topics may be anonymously shared with other life-coaching professionals for training or consultation purposes.

I understand that life coaching is not to be used in lieu of professional advice. I will seek professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, or other matters. I understand that all decisions in these areas are exclusively mine, and I acknowledge that my decision and my actions regarding them are my responsibility.  

I understand that Anna is not a licensed counselor and services provided do not serve as a substitute for clinical counseling, treatment of suicidal ideation, depression, or severe psychiatric problems. These services are merely advice for provision of education to the Client to pursue their own strategy and plans. The coaching services provided by Anna are not a medical service for psychotherapy, therefore Simple Elegant Clear Media, LLC is not reimbursable through health insurance and releases liability for the client when action requires clinical therapy. I am urged to pursue services from appropriately licensed medical personnel and clinical psychotherapists if necessary for conditions. Payment to Simple Elegant Clear Media, LLC and release of liability for medical service is required of the client before signature to this agreement is binding to Anna and provided coaching services. Services will be provided by Anna See without warranty of any kind upon agreement by me, the Client. 

This agreement does not represent a binding legal business partnership between the coach and Client (me) but instead a partnership to optimize the personal and professional performance potential of the Client (me). This agreement is a representation for a professional relationship between the Client and Anna See for the duration of coaching services provided and both parties agree to maintain ethical and confidential boundaries during and after the provision of services while agreement is binding.

I may terminate agreement at any time in the future but will receive no reimbursement for services  provided. 


Booking a session indicates a full understanding of and acceptance of terms.