31 Days To Pure Confidence

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take command of a room, have the respect of anyone and be taken seriously no matter what?

Do you have things in your life that you want to heal that may be blocking your ability to move forward with your life?

Do you crave having the confidence you need to get what you want, but don't know where to start, or wish you could have a step by step guide to get there?

Are you tired of feeling low, down or afraid, and don't think you have the courage to get pure confidence?

Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever you feel, is perfect for you right now. I'd like to invite you to experience an incredibly personalized step by step journey of self-exploration, healing and transformation to embody your own unique brand of PURE CONFIDENCE. 

My Story

I grew up quiet and introverted in an extroverted world. You could say most of my life I was a nerd, or at least very unpopular. It was hard for me to relate to people because my personality was so different - while other people were worried about prom and dates, I was admiring heads of state and fictional characters while analysing their personalities. I always was good and kind, but was surprised and hurt when others were not the same to me.

I was bullied most of my school life, and work-life, as people often misunderstood who I was because I was different. Consequently, I developed the belief that there must be something wrong with me. No one was there to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me, or taught me how to be confident. I wished I could have a mentor such as my older self to take me under her wing and teach me all that she knew.

But because I was not popular or accepted easily in most social circles, and even my kindness was always taken advantage of, I learned myself how to be confident, the kind of confidence you get by not giving up who you are inside. 

It was a long journey that took several years and constant, never-ending practice. Here I want to share what I learned from many expensive seminars, life experiences, practice, leadership coaches, and mentors with you. 

The eBook 31 Days to Pure Confidence is designed as a step by step approach to self-discovery using powerful tools to increase your self-confidence. Each day you will receive a new lesson with new exercises to unlock and love the authentic you. No matter what stage in life or level of confidence you have, let this step by step approach be your guide.  

Each chapter is designed like a coaching session each day to help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be with your confidence. It's important that you complete each of the exercises of the day to get the cumulative effect because it's the cumulative effect that brings you elevated confidence. Confidence comes from the discipline of accomplishment, and it takes at least 21 days to make a new habit permanent.

Stay awhile, and take a look down below at some FAQs and the first couple of pages of this eBook. If you want a step by step way to improve your personal brand of confidence, becoming the best you can be just as you are, then this ebook is for you. 

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All The Tools You Need To Embody Your Brand of Pure Confidence

This ebook will teach you to access the authentic and pure confidence within you so that you don’t have to worry about another confidence technique again. The difference between this eBook and other confidence trainings is that while the others teach you to put on a mask of what confidence is perceived in the world today, we're asking you to become even more of yourself -- without the need for a mask of confidence at all.

31 Days to Pure Confidence provides a step by step guide and exercises to help you walk with the flavor of confidence that’s right for you. With 100 information-packed pages comprised of interactive, personalized, cumulative coaching, it will help you reach your goal of pure & lasting confidence. 

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Nikki K.

Beautiful book, passionately written. At least one of the days definitely changed the way I saw myself in my life, and the exercises are something I can keep coming back to. Learn something new each time I read it.  Grateful for this book!

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