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Welcome to Empath In The Office – the home for Empaths, Lightworkers & HSPs wanting to leave toxic jobs, find their purpose and get into work they enjoy and then grow to become a LEADER in their field & inspire millions.


Do You Dream of Waking Up Happy With Your Work Life?

To do work that feels like you are making a difference and fulfilling your life purpose?

If you dream of doing work you actually feel good doing instead of wanting to hide from the office, then you’re in the right place!

David Deida said “Chronic dissatisfaction is how you sense you are living a lie”.

Empath In The Office is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting Empaths, Lightworkers and HSPs to own their value, find fulfillment and live their purpose – because when you do work that you’re made for, you become your greatest version and a leader in your field.

Our Journey: From Toxic Jobs to Creating Our Own Lives

A lot of us started out in jobs we hated. Or we liked our job, but maybe the people changed and it became a toxic environment. After days, months and years of dreading coming to work, enduring bullying or injustice, or just the black hole of not finding meaning in our work, it eventually forces us out.

When we are in so much pain, we have to make a change. The challenge is that many people end up making a change into an equally toxic environment because they don’t yet have awareness of purpose and owning their talents. The best jobs and the most fulfilling work comes from using our motivated talents, or our primary gifts.

The things we enjoy doing most are often the things we are best at doing.

Our Mission: Helping Empaths Find Their Power

Studies show that 80% of people are not satisfied with their jobs. And the number 1 reason for that is their boss. Who here has worked for a toxic boss? Unfortunately, there are so many out there. That’s why it’s so important to be a good leader in today’s workforce. We help Empaths find their power so that they can have the skills, confidence and purpose to become great Empathic Leaders.

We have even developed the 5 Stages of Empathic Leadership. You can find it here:

The 5 Levels Of Empathic Leadership 

Empath In The Office -- changing the world, one person at a time.

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new visitors to Empath In The Office are feeling helpless, unheard or unappreciated in their current job and need a change. They may be struggling to survive in a toxic environment. As a result, we’ve organised the site into 3 portals to help you find the content that best suits your need. These are:

How Can I Improve My Confidence?

For more free articles on Confidence, click here.

We are also in the process of creating an entire course which systematically teaches you how to go from little to know confidence to no doubt in your mind loving yourself in your core. You can find our course offerings here. 

How Do I Find My Purpose?

If you've been struggling in life to find out why you are here, what you came here to do, or simply trying to find more meaning in your life, check out our articles on Purpose and our soon to be released course here.

How Do I Become Successful?

We are also in the process of creating an entire course which systematically teaches you how to discover your life's purpose and get clarity on how to create your own destiny going forward.

How Do I Get Out Of My Toxic Job?

Leaving a bad job or a bad boss is not easy -- we may need our job to survive. It all starts with learning to Protect Your Energy @ work, building confidence, finding your purpose, then moving towards your desired life.

Here are some articles that may help:


Interview Help:

You can always view real life stories of Empaths who chose authenticity over toxicity here to get some inspiration on your journey. Feel free to submit your own story for publication as well. 


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